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Minutes of Meeting 6th December 2017

Sunset over A Winning minewater treatment site. Apologies: Laura Bishop, Sally Little, Keith Gregson Present: Peter Jones, Matt Johnson, Paul Southby, Rodney Gilmour and Lawrence van Kampen-Brooks (on conference call). Harvey Wood. The Trustees welcomed Matt to their number and look forward to meeting Sally (in Spain with students on field work). The Trustees agreed […]

The River Trent, Newark Island

Newark Island today. (Ordnance Survey) The River Trent, Newark Island: Drainage and Weather, their Role in the Defence of Newark on Trent during the Third Siege of 1645 – 1646. Sean Jackson*, Stephen Joynes** and Harvey Wood*** *    Sean Jackson BA, Archaeologist. SDUC, Lampeter **   Stephen Joynes Gentleman of Newark *** Dr Harvey Wood Dip […]

Annual Report and Accounts 2017

Click here to read the report in full Information. This report is the legal annual report and accounts of Clean Rivers Trust, as lodged with, and submitted to the Charity Commission. Registered Charity Number 1037414. The Charity is based at 73 Sir Harrys Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2UX UK. Phone 0121 440 8046. This document […]

The Autumn Quarter

It has been a busy autumn with a diverse set of issues and subject matter on our agenda. Firstly we welcome two new Trustees: Dr Sally Little from Nottingham Trent University and Dr Matt Johnson of the University of Nottingham. Two specialist academics who will bring new rigger to our work. ADDC Architects (Mike Wood) […]

Blackwell Colliery (first Site) also known as A Winning Minewater Treatment Site.

The colliery opened in 1871 and closed in 1969. The shafts were not filled as there was a need to remove water from the workings to protect other producing collieries down dip from inundation by water draining through the older near outcropping seams to the west. 1886 The mine was 15 years in operation at […]

Minutes of the Meeting held on 25th September 2017.

Minutes of the Meeting held on 25th September 2017. Present: Peter Jones, Lawrence Brooks, Paul Southby, Rodney Gilmour and Harvey Wood. Apologies: Laura Bishop and Keith Gregson. The minutes of the last meeting and the synopsis of activities since led to a full and fulfilling discussion. The issues of estrogen/their mimics and micro/nano beads/plastics led […]

Landfill Sites: The Known and Unknown.

Introduction. Landfill sites have always been with us. The majority of though through time have been very local affairs for villages and even individual habitations. It was only with the 20th century that sites developed into major repositories of industrial, household and mixed source waste. In many instances landfill facilities up to the early 1960s […]

Flooding Frack Fluids.

The lack of publicity regarding the development of shale oil and gas in the UK is remarkable. The country has a well-developed hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation licensing infrastructure in place run by BIES and government stating that it is mindful to support the planning process so as to support planning applications to identify and exploit […]

South Nottinghamshire Coalfield.

In 1998 the Coal Authority was offered the use of the pumping arrangements that operated at Annesley Bentinck Colliery by Midlands Mining if the mine closed. They were offered the same opportunity again in November and December 1999 with the knowledge that the mine would cease operations on Christmas Eve. Midland Mining the owner of […]

Blame or Return Napoleon.

Napoleon lost the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 to the Duke of Wellington, this national disaster for France was, though not necessary for his removal from his role as ruler of France and the scourge of Europe. That was guaranteed anyway by the contingents of the Prussian and Russian armies in unprecedented numbers that were […]

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