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Drone footage of site August 2019

Drone footage of Derby site.  

Life on the Tar Pit

A timeline of wildlife activity at the site.

Microbial Bacterial Fungal Breakdown

Acid Tar Microbial/bacteriological/fungal Breakdown/decay/consumption in Relation to Phyto/bioremediation of the Acid Tars, Trialed at Cinderhill, Belper, Derbyshire 2018/2019. Prof. Harvey Wood Dip AD, MA, PhD, FRSA, FRGS, FGS, FLS. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Clean Rivers Trust is carrying out a trial/demonstration project at Cinderhill, Derbyshire. 1.2 This project is using both compost and willows (a few […]

Rainfall April to September 2019.

Global warming, climate chaos or just typical weather patterns? The rainfall over the last five months raise more questions than they answer. At the start of September over quarter of rivers in England are running at notably low levels.

Clean Rivers Trust Summer Season. 2019.

Introduction. It has been a busy summer for the Trust with several issues being addressed as well as our major project in Derbyshire. The Trust has been looking at minewater as both an energy resource (which is now a normal but still hard proposal to have accepted) and again as an economic resource as an […]

Report to the Trustees on the Activities of Clean Rivers Trust, Spring 2019.

Introduction. The spring has been a busy period for the Trust with activities continuing at Cinderhill, trying to obtain a new trial at another set of tar pits, liaising with the Environment Agency, looking at the University of Nottingham  Jubilee Campus to see which seams and horizons might give sustainable supplies of heat to a […]

Don’t Damage the Wildlife in Your Efforts to Rid the World of Plastics.

A short but happy tale of environmental clean-up and unusual sites in which to shelter. A few days ago, on a site where we are carrying out a major research trial we carried out a litter pick: there is a lot of windborne plastics and other rubbish coming onto site from a nearby layby. Plastic […]

Other Research

Clean Rivers Trust is busy, it is always busy but right now we are busier than ever before. If you follow the Trust on LinkedIn or Facebook, we are always sharing off the wall pieces of news. These items of trivia may at first glace be irrelevant to our work but when you develop a […]

Trustees March Meeting Update. March 2019.

The Trust has been able to work throughout the winter months uninterrupted by adverse weather conditions. This has meant though that human actions or inactivity has been a major source of irritation especially with our Cinderhill Tar Pit Project. We have been busy in Derbyshire with three projects and supporting the work carried out at […]

Report to the Trustees December 2018

The Trust has had another busy quarter: again demonstrating its diversity of abilities and knowledge sets. Meetings have  been held with academics, local authorities and businesses covering topics related to mining, archaeology, wetlands, grass types, mercury and heavy metal decontamination, silviculture,  ecology, energy sources and much besides rivers and water quality. Such are the set […]

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