Registered Charity Number: 1037414

Mine-water- Feasibility

Introduction The Clean Rivers Trust has a 25 year history of involvement with water courses and remediation of polluted water. This has brought the Trust into areas of mine-water research and consultancy, alongside academic and environmental organisations around the globe. As such, the Clean Rivers Trust has long held an interest in use of mine-water [...]

Minutes of the Trustees Meeting

Minutes of the Trustees Meeting held on 2nd July 2014 at the offices of Geldards, The Arc, Nottingham. Meeting started at 10.00. Apologies from Karen Hindle, Rusty Lewthwaite, Keith Gregson and Simon McCormac. Present; Paul Southby, Melody Stokes, Peter Jones, Laurence Brooks and Harvey Wood. Minutes of the last meeting as on the web site [...]

Somerset Flood; the autopsy.

The winter weather of 2013/14; high rainfall in the South and West of England did not just cause severe flooding across the Somerset Levels, the rain also caused flooding within the surrounding hills: this has only recently, 4 and 5 months after the surface waters on the Levels have abated and started the long haul [...]

A Rising Tide – An introduction to groundwater rebound

Ropewalk Water Pumping Station, Nottingham. ]Fifteen years ago Clean Rivers Trust carried out a series of research projects that looked at the effect of groundwater recharge in historic areas of high groundwater abstraction. In several cities, most notably in London, Birmingham and Nottingham but all other major cities and conurbations were found to be subject [...]

Quarterly (Spring 2014) Report

Since the last Trustees meeting there have been a number of initiatives put in train and ongoing research has been frenetic. New Schemes. 1/ The Warwickshire Coal Field has been a target to develop heat from flooded coal workings. Several meetings have been held and a funding bid to DECC has been put forward for [...]

Shale Gas and Oil

A British Perspective on Unconventional Forms of Supply. Clean Rivers Trust is a registered charity; number 1037414. It was initially formed in 1990/91 to clean up the River Trent and see its water quality improve; this the Trust achieved and found it was needed elsewhere to establish cleaner river environments across the UK. Since then [...]

Laid Back but not Hallucinating; another fine mess.

Clean Rivers Trust has been carrying out work on methods to limit or remove estrogenic compounds that are having adverse effects on the fish and other aquatic wildlife of rivers. The rivers of the developed world have been found to be further corrupted by our modern lifestyles, it is not just a case of swapping [...]

Trustees Meeting, 10.30 on 10th April 2014 held in Nottingham.

Apologies from; Lawrence Brooks, Karen Hindle and Rusty Lewthwaite. Present: Melody Stokes, Paul Southby, Peter Jones, Keith Gregson and Harvey Wood. Minutes were agreed as circulated, as was the forward planning document that is to act as an adjunct to the Annual Report; both are on the web site. The review of this last winter’s [...]

Winter: a wet and windy wonderland.

A short review of activities since the last Trustees meeting in December last year. Rains and flooding. The well-publicised aspect of some of the wettest winter weather for years has led to much discussion on land management and farming practices in the lands surrounding and on the Somerset Levels. Issues of dredging, rain runoff from [...]

National Test Demonstration Catchments.

2014 is the final year of research in this DEFRA /EU funded project which started in 2009. It has taken four river catchments; the rivers Tamar, Hampshire Avon, Wensum, and Eden in Cumbria. The lead research organisation being Lancaster University. There are other stakeholders involved, including academic including Cumbria University, King’s College London, and Durham [...]

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