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The River Spree and the Acid Lakes.

The River Spree is a notable river of Germany that flows through the capital, Berlin. In its upper reaches it is though a very different river from that which the tourist boats ply. Even more remarkably less than 100 kilometres from Berlin a UNICEF biosphere reserve, Spreewald (Spree Woods. It is known for its traditional […]

Minewater from abandoned mines and sustainable development: a possible UK model.

Annesley Pithead after abandonment. The water was brought to the surface at 27C. Introduction. The issues surrounding minewater in the UK are many and various: they pollute rivers and streams with a variety of metals, change their acidity, threaten and in the past have polluted aquifers. Minewaters are generally a problem that has focused the […]

Minewater as supply

Introduction. Clean Rivers Trust has looked at the issues of minewater from both active and abandoned mines since the 1990s and has worked with many of the UK water companies. The Trust has identified water resources from abandoned mines in other countries including Cyprus as well as across Europe also East and North Africa. Historically […]

Minutes of Meeting 30th March 2017

Trustees present. Melody Stokes, Paul Southby, Lawrence Brooks and Keith Gregson plus Harvey Wood. Apologies received from Peter Jones and Rodney Gilmore. 1 Melody announced her resignation as Trustee due to a full agenda of other activities that were making demands on her time. Melody‚Äôs involvement will be greatly missed and many thanks for her […]

Natural Rerouting

DAN SHUGAR/UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON TACOMA A river vanished in just four days after the glacier it flowed from retreated due to climate change. The Slims River in Canada is the first in modern history to have disappeared at such a speed. Normally a river takes thousands of years to expire, as tectonic forces, natural damning […]

Winter 2016/17 Activities.

It has been a quarter that has been varied in activities: advice, research in the field, visiting new prospect projects at familiar sites, work in new areas and the usual frustrations of statutory bodies and the eternal round of fund raising. As usual it has been a busy period. Red Media The projects with Red […]


The changing role of the Coal Authority. Introduction. Clean Rivers Trust has worked with the Coal Authority since the Authority was created in 1994 when it was set in place to regulate the coal mining industry that was at the time denationalised. The Coal Authority further looked after the historic legacies of mining; water, subsidence, […]

Fracking Yorkshire.

The First License to Fracture the Shales of the Vale of Pickering. The first planning permission for fracturing the stata holding shale gas and oil and exploration of economic viability since Qadrilla started its ill stared operation in Lancashire in 2011 was agreed by the UK Government this December. The Trust has published several pieces […]

The Danone Realisation.

Wetland Cross Sectorial Values. The UK Government have recently been criticised in the press for not funding wetland and wet woodland creation as part of the national flood defences policy (The Guardian and Daily Telegraph 22nd November 2016). This method of retaining water in wetlands has been demonstrated to hold back and retain large volumes […]

The Activities of Clean Rivers Trust September to November 2016.

Image: River Rea beneath the City of Birmingham. Clean Rivers Trust lost a meeting in September. It has been a busy few weeks through the autumn, with the majority of activities being based around Derbyshire and the Midlands. The activities have involved structural issues regarding Blue Carbon and the West Midlands conurbation, Minewater, contaminated land: […]

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