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Clean Rivers Trust: September 2018 Actions Report.

The Trust has had another busy three months: the Cinderhill trial site has been the main focus due to the draught and trying to keep the willows alive if not flourishing. The other activities are outlined below. Cinderhill The willows have had an exceptionally hard time establishing themselves this summer. Their planting at the end […]

Drone View

The Environment Agency has taken a video of Cinderhill Tar Pit.

Aba Samuel Reservoir.

In 2010 and 2011 Clean Rivers Trust visited Addis Ababa at the request of the Ethiopian Government. The requests for advice included sewage treatment, for the capital, regeneration of the twin Akaki Rivers, and what might be achieved for the Aba-Samuel Reservoir. 2010 The reservoir was built by the Italians during their occupation of Ethiopia […]

John Spedan Lewis Foundation

Clean Rivers Trust are delighted to announce that the John Spedan Lewis Foundation is supporting our work at Cinderhill in Derbyshire. The support of the foundations will be of great benefit to the project.

Estrogenic Compounds and Pharmacological Pollution Remediation in Sight; or The end of the stoned loach?

Introduction. Amongst the many issues that the Trust has been involved with over the last twenty eight years the issues of pharmacological pollution, the waste often of hospitals and large conurbation medications has been high on the list of our desires to find affordable solutions. Residues of medical drugs and synthetic organic compounds, such as […]

Lake Kakinga, Uganda.

In 2011 the Trust visited the area around Lake Kakinga and the town of Sembabule in Uganda. The purpose of the short visit was to consider improving it as a fishery, remove agal blooms, improve the water quality of the lake and protect it as a viable water resource for the local villages. The Lake […]

Second Quarter Report 2018

Sally has sent her apologies early for the next meeting of the Trustees. The Trust appreciates that she will be on her Honeymoon. A satisfactory reason for absence if ever there was one!. It has been a very busy few months for the Trust since the last meeting. The Trust completed two reports on the […]

Cinderhill Acid Tar Pit Trial

1 Introduction. 1.1 This is not an in-depth report on Cinderhill Tar Pit 4 but a record of activities leading up to planting and the first week of maintenance. 1.2 The site of the trial was previously a clay pit excavated to supply clay to a local brickworks and subsequently in the 1970s one of […]

Cinderhill Mines and Minewater.

1 Introduction. 1.1 The purpose of this report is to outline and detail the findings of investigations carried out as to the movement of contaminants into mine workings that may exist beneath the Acid Tar Pits site, Cinderhill, Derbyshire. This examination of data and information will ascertain the effects, if any, that the contamination from […]

Cinderhill Phase 1: Trial Remediation of Acid Tar Pit using Phytoremediation.

1 Introduction. 1.1 The purpose of this report is to outline work to be carried out for the purpose of trialling the use of willows (Salix) in remediating the Tar Pit known as 4 plus at a later date another smaller tar pit, 1a, which are located at the north western corner of the site […]

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