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Aba Samuel Reservoir.

September 8th, 2018 in News by emily

In 2010 and 2011 Clean Rivers Trust visited Addis Ababa at the request of the Ethiopian Government. The requests for advice included sewage treatment, for the capital, regeneration of the twin Akaki Rivers, and what might be achieved for the Aba-Samuel Reservoir.


The reservoir was built by the Italians during their occupation of Ethiopia and finished in 1941. The dam produced hydroelectric power so as to supply the capital with electricity. It ceased to produce electricity in the 1970s due to the silt build up from the 2 Akaki Rivers choking the turbines. The lake filled with algae which destroyed the fishery. Poorly treated and raw sewage from Addis Ababa added to the plight of the waters.


The dam 2010

The dam 2018

The wetland at the head of the reservoir 2010

The wetland at the head of the reservoir 2018

The Trust put forward a work program for the recovery of the reservoir in 2011 which would have delivered a vibrant water body and a large amount of dredgings as soil conditioner. A water body capable of driving hydroelectric turbines and a wetland at the top end of the lake that would have desilted the inward flow from the two feed rivers.

We are delighted that the Chinese Government have just completed implementing our detailed plans actions and Aba-Samuel is again a vibrant lake producing electricity. Its waters are used for sustainable irrigation and water is of a quality that can supply local people with drinking water.

Author: emily

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