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Activities Spring 2017

August 8th, 2017 in News by emily

Another busy quarter that is has included research for local authorities, development companies and academic projects. Landfill, minewater and politics have all been high on the agenda. Much of the work has been located in areas of the UK where the Trust has been active in the past from Cornwall to West Yorkshire. It has also looked at issues in eastern Germany relating to lignite mining and pollution to the River Spree the Spreewald, a UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve.


The quarry company has agreed with all the requests outlined by the Trust for the protection of the woodlands and the medieval fishponds for the lifetime of the quarry. The have further agreed to install a wind pump to carry on topping up the local aquifer in perpetuity in conjunction with Derbyshire County Council.

The minewater site has been transformed into a wildlife pond and wetland is thriving with amphibians and other wildlife. There is still more work to be carried out to remove ochre from part of the site but the work is planned to be carried out in the summer.


The Trust carried out its first official research into the site for Harworth Estates: providing them with a breakdown of the various issues and local concerns. This is a grossly polluted site that can only be remediated with a major investment in time and money, a development scheme such as that proposed being the logical way forward.

Daw Mill.

Just to report that the work carried out on the site was well received and been commended by Harworth’s company officers.

Northumberland Ellington Project.

The project is still live but has faltered due the lack of haste of an external consultancy taking a year to carry out a short project. Meetings and discussions with all parties are starting to move things forward.

The Coal Authority have licenced a minewater heating and cooling project in Gateshead with a client wine importer. Others similar projects are ongoing in Wales and Scotland, where there appears to be a readily available funding stream from the Scottish Government.

Nottingham, Nottingham Trent and John Moores Universities + CRT.

The group met recently at Brackenhust and are going forward with developing a research partnership on minewater issues into the future. The first research is into saline water discharges from and around A Winning minewater treatment site in Derbyshire.

The group will work on other issues as and when an interesting topic arises or suitable students appear.

The Coal Authority.

Meetings have been and others are being held to work on several areas of mutual interest.


The research into floodplain and drainage of the area around Newark has, it appears at this stage to have shown evidence of not just defensive works from the Civil War but Henry VIII’s fortifications from the period of the Pilgrimage of Grace.

A series of papers are in preparation.

Wetland Research.

The work is continuing on research in Kent, Cornwall, Derbyshire and Fife. Bacteria seeding, plant composition, deep water and cutting size of treatment area are all showing progress.


Wheal Augusta is being prepared to be reclaimed, Plymouth University and Red Media are following plans to restore the land contaminated by mining. This will also include the tailings impoundments set above the Teign Valley.

Estrogenic Issues.

The mimics list is developing, petrochemical influences as well as natural organic sources somewhat muddy the issues regarding how best to apportion responsibility. The Environment Agency are finding it impossible to act due to ‘Brexit’ and the EEA are not acting due to the US EPA not going forward with any remedial lead.

Wheal Jane.

It has been brought to the Trust’s attention that the cost of operations currently treating the water from the mine is unsustainable alongside the use of lime trucked down weekly from Derbyshire. The cost is £1.2 million per annum and is unaffordable. The current options include the decontamination of flow to the Carnon River from the Great County Adit added to that of Wheal Jane by some cheaper option.

Northumbria Energy.

Meeting with Northumbria County Council t look at energy resources in the south eastern part of the county, especially cooling and minewater issues.


Meetings have been held with Mark Spencer MP for Sherwood with regard to minewater pumping issues into the future at Calverton. Meetings held with district council, Coal Authority and the land owner, further consultations are to begin shortly.

South Africa.

There have been conversations with Deloittes in South Africa about our vision for mine drainage particularly Acid Mine Drainage. Johannesburg has major issues regarding treats to ground and surface waters.

West Yorkshire.

The Trust has carried out a short research project on a closed landfill site for Eur Ing. Vic Johnson.

Red Media.

Work continues in supporting their activities.


The perennial letter writing has been continuing and the consultancy is allowing a full pallet of work to continue and to some extent expand.


I am pleased to welcome Laura Bishop as a prospective new Trustee of the Trust. Laura will be attending the next meeting. Laura has worked with the Trust since we were involved in the North Warwickshire HNDU project in

The General Election.

The Trust has had endless advice from government and many organisations regarding our expenditure lobbying and supporting political views to the public. We need to account separately for such activities. The Trust did not spend anything on any political activities during the election, as is normal.

Harvey Wood





29th June 2017

Welcome to Laura.


Minutes as circulated and on web site.

Matters arising.

Spring activities.


Plans or ideas from the Trustees.

Any other business.


Next meeting: Monday 25th September at 10.30.















Wasser ist Leben = Water is Life.

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