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Activities this Winter Quarter (2017-18).

March 21st, 2018 in News by emily

The Trust has had a busy winter quarter, it is pleased to report new commissions coming in as well as receiving funding from some new sources. A pleasing development. Below you will find a short synopsis of our activities.


The Trust is to meet with the Borough Council to explore the economic possibilities of using heat from mines in the area. The meeting is in early April. This meeting is to take the idea forward from an earlier meeting that with the Coal Authority which was unable to satisfy the wishes of the council.

A Winning.

A meeting with the Coal Authority is to be held shortly about the chloride discharge from the mine. Work on the site is developing with regard to ecological issues relating to the chloride nature of the discharge.

Dusseldorf Lignite Mining.

The Trust produced a briefing document for Dusseldorf Regional Government on the issues arising from lignite mining in thr area. An outline of works was also produced describing ways to bring some of the large lakes, that are the legacy of such mining to a reasonable environmental quality, develop and maintain an ecological value.

Landscape Archaeology of Newark Island.

The work continues with the pair of landscape explorers. Their papers which we have inpart written and edited will appear over the next year in a variety of journal.

The Antiquarian Society of London has stated that the work being carried out is of ‘national significance’ and is rewriting significant detail on Civil War siege works and their use of the natural landform. A paper on the role of the River Trent is on the Trusts web site.

Arsenic in the River Derwent, Derbyshire.

The Environment Agency has asked for our input into the research regarding sources of arsenic pollution entering the River Derwent in the Crich area via two soughs. The loadings of arsenic and other metals are significant. Such pollution is not natural though it is entering the river viaold lead mine workings.


The Trust is working with Harworth Group to understand any possible minewater or surface water flows away from the contaminated site. Two reports on the subject have been completed.


Harworth Group are looking to use alternative energies on their sites in Northumberland. They have been put off the use of minewater by the inaction of the Coal Authority.

Bottle Brook, Derbyshire.

The Trust is working with the Catchment Partnership regarding the river’s quality issues. The work with Harworth on the Cinderhill site will be a major benefit to the waters, if not in improved water quality but will remove the potential of polluted flood waters and leachate leaving the site at some future time.


Our support for the woodlands continues. The Trust will be meeting with the clay quarrying company Forterra shortly to develop better water pumping strategies than those that are in place at present.

WE have permission to use the mine seep onsite for educational purposes.

University of Nottingham.

The Trust is hoping to be included in work on varied research projects in the near future after visiting the University in January. The Trust is also looking to include the University into some of its research

Minewater Group.

Nottingham Trent, John Moore, Nottingham and the Trust are beginning to develop an agenda of activities.

Coal Authority.

The Trust had a small falling out with the Coal Authority Innovations Team in January regarding an apparent lack of their transparency earlier this year. This has been resolved. The Trust is working on several schemes with outside partners that the Coal Authority wish to be involved with going on into the future.

The Trust is working with the Authority on several other projects that are in the process of development.

Support of other Charities.

The Trust received funding early this year from a trust that shortly afterwards asked us if we would be happy to talk to another charity regarding their attitudes. Naturally we have agreed. I do not believe that the target for our input will take us up on the offer.


The University of Nottingham (Matt) is involving us wth a project he is putting together at the moment.

The Trust has had input into the Beat the Micro Bead campaign group and is looking at other issues that relate to plastics waste on a broader front.

Devon Mines.

The Trust is looking to help in carrying out a reclamation of a set of tailings ponds allied to a minewater discharge. The waters are highly acidic, 2.5 to 3. The land owner wishes to develop a house and garden on the land and wishes to find a way of also remediating the minewater. The Coal Authority have been using the site as a trials location in the past.

Bedfordshire Landfills.

The Trust is looking at issues of old landfill operations in the Bedfordshire area, some land drains are developing acidic metalliferous discharges which need to be addressed.

Calderdale Landfill Site.

An old landfill site in the Calderdale Borough Council area which we have previously advised on and carried out research is presenting new issues that we warned about. We are awaiting instructions from the council. The discharge from the site appears to go to the local river rather than treatment, the fill is slumping and may move across a road.


The Trust has looked at its moral base both in the UK and overseas. It has found its activities totally correct and has not used its expertise to coerce or intimidate any individuals or groups. The Trust has written to the Charity Commission and UK Aid/Foreign and Commonwealth Office regarding this nastiness.


We have had contact from Yemen asking if we would be able to function in the capital once peace comes. We have also been asked about our ability to work in Al Mahrah in the east of the country where no particular fighting or antisocial activity is going on at present.


Agenda for the Trustees’ Meeting 14th March 2018.

To be held 10.30 Wednesday at Paul’s offices at Geldards, The Arc, Enterprise Way NG2 Business Park.



Minutes of the last meeting as already circulated.

Matters arising.

Activities over the winter months.

Issues arising.

Coal Authority:

1/ Gedling issues

2/ Research projects.


Any other business.


Next meeting Wednesday 4th July 2018. 10.30.


Author: emily

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