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Cinderhill Phase 1: Trial Remediation of Acid Tar Pit using Phytoremediation.

July 2nd, 2018 in News by emily

1 Introduction.

1.1 The purpose of this report is to outline work to be carried out for the purpose of trialling the use of willows (Salix) in remediating the Tar Pit known as 4 plus at a later date another smaller tar pit, 1a, which are located at the north western corner of the site of contaminated land at Cinderhill, Derbyshire.

1.2 The reason for focusing initially on Tar Pit 4 is that the site is secure, behind a hire metal screen fence within which the trial may be carried out unmolested by the public or casual visitors.

1.3 The report outlines type/types of willow to be used in the remediation.

1.3 The report outlines the discussions held with stakeholders:

  • Natural England
  • Environment Agency
  • Amber Valley Borough Council

1.4 Outline the arrangements with University of Nottingham to monitor the trial over a protracted period to report on the outcomes of the trial.

1.5 The report outlines materials needed for the installation of the willows and their initial wellbeing.

1.6 The report presents an outline of costings for the materials to be used on the site.

1.7 The security of equipment needed on the site during the establishment of the trial are outlined and costed.

1.8 Health and Safety issues have been addressed with regard to all aspects of the installation of willows and the other materials to be used on-site.

1.9 Site access for materials needed onsite has been considered with short lifts for bulkier items.

Click here to read the full report. 

Author: emily

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