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October 5th, 2017 in News by emily

The Water Question.

Water Treatment Made Easier.

Clean Rivers Trust has been amazed by the number of UK based companies who claim their abilities and knowledge of the clean-up of frack water. They state that they can either clean the waste up to recycling quality or even discharge to the natural environment.

We don’t think so!

Few of those claiming this ability have been involved with any aspect of the science, or for that matter the practicalities of such operations. The issues that appertain to water emanating from the mines, especially some of the metal mines of Cornwall and other parts of the UK. These waters have similarities to fracking liquors but you need to understand that many of the waters, apart from the chemical makeups that the fracking medium suppliers offer to the market, contain pollutants that are from far deeper and will all be unique sets of pollutants.

Beware Cowboys!


Not many of those companies that are offering their expertise to the market have even visited sites in the US, let alone anywhere else. The desirability of expertise in unique waste waters requires inquisitive expertise that will not be surprised by the unexpected. The need to be able to react to the unknown with an equilibrium and surety of action.

Fortunately in the UK the regulators are not allowed to be judgmental but will regulate strongly and certainly in this area of endeavour. They will not be generous in warnings. Prosecution will be the order of the day and the courts will uphold the authorities’ view with maximum severity.


Don’t end up in the courts, ensure you use the right consultants and they use the right methods. Keep within the law: ethical companies are coming to the Trust for advice and guidance.

Author: emily

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