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Minutes of Meeting 30th March 2017

May 23rd, 2017 in News by admin

Trustees present.

Melody Stokes, Paul Southby, Lawrence Brooks and Keith Gregson plus Harvey Wood.

Apologies received from Peter Jones and Rodney Gilmore.

1 Melody announced her resignation as Trustee due to a full agenda of other activities that were making demands on her time. Melody’s involvement will be greatly missed and many thanks for her time in bring the Trust into compliance in policies that was a major task. The Trust learnt much about research bids and the intricacies of DECC and HNDU processes. Doubtless we will keep in touch and our thanks is enormous.


2 The outline of activities, previously circulated was discussed and expanded on.


3 Red Media research outcomes considered. Metals removal exceptional in many instances.



© Red Media Technologies.


4 Publications to be pursued with BL / HW leading.


5 Nottingham Universities are back in contact with the Trust, e-mail arrived during meeting.


6 Funding remains a priority.


7 Trustees recruitment to have been resolved in next quarter.


8 Discussion on smart cities and Nottingham City. The incinerator district heating scheme needs to be the past and more sustainable methods considered. Minewater as a heat / energy resource being one example.


9 Meeting to be held with Coal Authority to press for several outcomes regarding Trust led initiatives.


10 Meetings with MPs and Ministries to be increased with regard to government agencies and future developments.


11 Expand the Trust’s ceramics laboratory availability and use.


12 Next meeting as planned: 29th June 2017. Nottingham.


Harvey Wood

31st March 2017

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