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Minutes of Meeting 6th December 2017

March 2nd, 2018 in News by emily

Sunset over A Winning minewater treatment site.

Apologies: Laura Bishop, Sally Little, Keith Gregson

Present: Peter Jones, Matt Johnson, Paul Southby, Rodney Gilmour and Lawrence van Kampen-Brooks (on conference call). Harvey Wood.

The Trustees welcomed Matt to their number and look forward to meeting Sally (in Spain with students on field work).

The Trustees agreed the minutes and accepted the outline of activities for the autumn quarter.

Lawrence outlined his activities regarding a clean energy project he has been working on over the last several years. The work involves low carbon transitional technologies and will use the Trust to overview activities impacting on water issues when the details are finalised.

Discussion regarding the Coal Authority and its inabilities to grasp minewater as a resource and the slow process of embracing the known technologies.

  • The Trust will take the technologies to the media
  • The trust will talk with Gedling and Sutton in Ashfield councils about implementation of options of value to area prosperity
  • The development to be focused and aid Invest in Nottingham as a useful vehicle of promotion
  • The question of ownership of the heat within the water was raised

Discussion about plastics and the Trusts link with Plastic Soup Foundation. Peter outlined his experiences from presenting a paper at an Ocean Plastics conference in Hawaii ten years ago. Matt outlined research being undertaken by doctoral student at University of Nottingham. Issues covered included:

  • Regularity responsibility
  • Cost of plastics in UK (£8 billion p.a.)
  • Possible cutting of central government taxation to be replaced by manufacturers and supply chain paying local authorites to recycle
  • Matt drew attention to food plastics (ie. crisp packs, bottles and sell by dates. Many plastics found around the water environment are old with few recent additions
  • The black residue of tyres found close to road drains plus tire dumping in rivers, ecosystem additions

Minewater issues need a new public champion to be identified

The Annual Report and Accounts for the past year were agreed and signed off.

Further discussion on general issues covered in the activities outline.

Peter Jones asked about retirement as Trustee as he wishes to do other things. He was appealed to to stay on with the agreement that he did not have to attend all meetings. His input though is important to the Trustees deliberations. He has agreed to continue in this role.

The Trust’s activities aiding Newark landscape archaeological support was outlined and agreed.

The next meeting will be at 10 AM 14th March at Paul’s offices.

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