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Minutes of Trustees Meeting 29th June 2017.

September 8th, 2017 in News by emily

Photo Newstead Abbey

Thanks to Paul Southby for his continued hosting of the meetings at his offices.

Apologies from Peter Jones and Keith Gregson.

Present Laura Bishop, Paul Southby, Lawrence Brooks and Harvey Wood, Rodney Gilmore was attending by speaker phone.

Laura was welcomed as a new member of the Trustees.

The minutes were agreed as already published on the web site.

The Trusts activity outline (to be published on the web site) was discussed. Further detail was added regarding actions and further meetings to be carried through before meeting Mark Spencer MP in September. Issues regarding the future of Newstead Abbey, its fabric and lakes, the recreational facilities in the immediate area of the property and lack of quality facilities, links with University of Nottingham, China as a funding source and sustainable energy resources were touched on.

Details of Coal Authority meetings and research were welcomed and the desire to move this relationship further was expressed.

Treatment of the discharge from the Great County Adit alongside Wheal Jane into the Carnon River was discussed. Links to be re-established with Camborne School of Mines. Rare earth resources was covered and it was mentioned that there was a company looking to win lithium and other material from another site in the south west from abandoned minewater.

Issues relating to a possible project at a wood product company in the Wrexham area including discharge of formaldehyde to a tributary of the River Dee were discussed. Rodney had knowledge of the site.

Our work on Oestrogenic materials and their mimics was discussed as now methods for treatment are available but costly as an add on to sewage treatment works. Costs are to be explored and if desired effects can be achieved beyond that of purely oestrogenic removal. Also there may be a recycling route for waste materials generated.

The development of a new minewater group for research was outlined including John Moore University Liverpool, University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University.

The next meeting will be on Monday 25th September at Paul’s offices at the earlier time of 10.00. It will be Rodney’s Birthday and there is the chance of a celebratory lunch!

Harvey Wood

30th June 2017.

Author: emily

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