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The Autumn Quarter

December 13th, 2017 in News by admin

It has been a busy autumn with a diverse set of issues and subject matter on our agenda.

  • Firstly we welcome two new Trustees: Dr Sally Little from Nottingham Trent University and Dr Matt Johnson of the University of Nottingham. Two specialist academics who will bring new rigger to our work.
  • ADDC Architects (Mike Wood) who is well known to us and who has helped the Trust over many years (>17) is working on an alternative energy project that may take heat from the Derbyshire to Leicester Aqueduct. We have been looking at the options that might also be employed as alternative to the primary schemes.
  • Our new Minewater Group has met and is moving forward with ideas for research around the South Nottinghamshire Coalfield and its effects due to flooded workings. Meetings with the Coal Authority are scheduled shortly.
  • The Trust has carried out a review with Farley Engineering with regard to local authority liabilities of historic landfill sites. The findings were presented at a local authority environment conference this November. The liabilities of gas and leachate from such sites need to be addressed. We have looked at several such sites over the last few years and they have proved fascinating. Most have little detail regarding what wastes might have been interred. The sites were unlined and many are of no concern as leachates have dispersed into the wider area many years ago, similarly gas has vented through poor capping off and/or moved away through the surrounding strata.. The need to ascertain such sites conditions is compelling as their liabilities rest with local authorities who have inherited such liabilities from previous councils.
  • Gedling Borough Council are arranging a meeting between interested parties including the Coal Authority and ourselves to take the use of minewater as an energy resource forward for commercial and domestic use. It appears that the CA are unwilling to commit to attending.
  • The paper on the archaeology of the Island at Newark regarding the English Civil War siege defences and the Scottish camp known as the Edinburgh have been returned by the Antiquarian Society of London for re-write. Their comment being that the work is of national significance. Another paper related to the environmental conditions of the third and final siege (1645/6) is in production. This was the start of the mini Ice Age coming into play. The archaeologists, Stephen Joines and Sean Jackson have done some amazing work that is changing the view traditionally held as to the conduct of the siege and the political and ethnic views of Parliament towards their Scottish allies. The Trust has been supporting this work with geological and environmental information plus now editing the papers in production.
  • The project for Kronospan at Crich is still awaiting a start date after a positive visit and outline proposal was submitted. The wish for our involvement is stated but the cogs of their bureaucracy turn slowly.

  • The government consultation on developing a National Policy Statement for Water Resources and proposals to amend the document has as a document taken some time to first track down, read, re-read and despair. A muddle of a scheme, full of ideals and no surety of delivery post Brexit. We have been asked to go into detail shortly with the civil servants shortly, we were contacted shortly after our responses were submitted.

  • Field work has been a little slow due to illness but hopefully all will be resolved shortly.
  • End of year accounts are in preparation and will be sent out with the Annual Report before the meeting of Trustees on 6th
  • Our work for and with Red Media has slowed. We have reminded them of their account for work carried out.
  • The Trust is now involved internationally with micro plastics issues and is developing its activities with Plastic Soup based in the Netherlands.

Agenda for meeting at Geldards on 6th December at 10.30.



Minutes of last meeting. (See web site)

Matters arising.


Annual Report.



Any other business.

  • Newark archaeology project.

Next meeting (14th March at 10am)

Meeting Location.

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The nearest train station is Nottingham station which is a 5 minute taxi ride from the office. Alternatively, the Nottingham Tram runs every 10 minutes from Nottingham Station, stopping outside the office at NG2.


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