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Winter 2016/17 Activities.

April 5th, 2017 in News by admin

It has been a quarter that has been varied in activities: advice, research in the field, visiting new prospect projects at familiar sites, work in new areas and the usual frustrations of statutory bodies and the eternal round of fund raising. As usual it has been a busy period.

Red Media

The projects with Red Media continue and the confidence in the product has increased even further. Minewater and phosphate streams are now proven without doubt to be targets for near total contaminant removal. Water companies have taken note and trials are about to commence with Anglian and Severn Trent Water. Analysis is quite remarkable regarding various determinants.


The Coal Authority are dragging their feet, but are having internal challenges to contend with which to some degree excuses the lack of action. Have talked to the CA contact regarding heat mapping at BEIS who is going to urge them to get moving and to involve us back into the loop.

Derbyshire Derwent and Waingroves

The Waingroves Woodland and their water issues support continues as does work on the other local streams and rivers in the area. There are a number of other challenges in the area including Cinderhill and the Bottle Brook. Cinderhill is going to be remediated by Harworth in all liklyhood and funded by a housing and indrustrial development of the margins leaving the site itself as public open space. Our involvement is expected.

Daw Mill

Harworth Estates commissioned the Trust to carry out research on the mining history of the site of the closed colliery, plus to work out the issues that may arise from the closure of the coalfield. The work saw visits to the Coal Authority and Kew. Some new issues have arisen and there are now real concerns for parts of the Warwickshire Aquifer.

Archaeology of Newark

We have been editing a paper for two landscape archaeologists on Newark Civil War Siege issues: now a paper is in preparation on 17th century drainage of the River Trent Island and its effects on fortifications across the UK and Europe into the 18th century.

This editing has led to a research drive into Civil War siege works! The issues of drainage then and today are remarkably similar on the Island set between the two arms of the River Trent by Newark: there are lessons that can be learnt today from the period and two papers are in development.

A fascinating piece of research and a good cross over of expertise.

West Cumbria

The Trust has been contacted and have met with West Cumbria Mining who are planning to reopen the Drifts at Sandwith Anhydrite Mine in Whitehaven and drive further so as to reach the coal strata that lie at a considerable depth below the Anhydrite.

We will see where this initial contact develops but the Trust has a large number of plans and drawings of the anhydrite workings in our archive plus a knowledge of any of the processes needed to dewater the mine.


The book on Blue Carbon is still in the development stage and decisions regarding publishing options.

Discussion is underway with Routledge regarding writing a book on minewater pollution, hopefully the commission will take place shortly.

There are other possible publications pending.


No action from Severn Trent and minewater due to a stop for that section of the company using consultants.

The two Nottingham Universities have not been in contact since the Christmas break.

The Blue Carbon capture scheme has not gone any further as yet.

Neither the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust nor Tidy Britain have been in touch as promised.


The Trust needs to raise funds, we are able to work on as usual but need to generate more earned income.

New Trustees.

The need for 1 or 2 new Trustees is still live: no one has as yet come in view.

Harvey Wood.

March 2017

Agenda for meeting on 30th March:


Matters arising from the December Minutes.

Subjects for reporting as per the activities outlined above.

Any other business

The next meeting. (29th June)

Since writing the above:

  • Have had meetings with civil servants regarding the Northumberland Project. BEIS and Defra are both taking an interest as they are also discussing future of Coal Authority. A short paper has been distributed to the Trustees for information and discussion. Discussions with the Coal Authority shortly.
  • News of Kitchen Garden scheme in Yemen, a small arms/ammunition manufacturing facility which supplied water that our advice had seen the removal of heavy metals from its waste water flow, allowing use for safe irrigation has been damaged by bombing. The water from the facility is now intermittent but the use of a water harvesting reservoir is now showing its value with vegetable production little affected.
  • The Trust has been involved in discussions regarding the Coal Authority and its future. A paper has been produce and will be on the web site shortly. Thanks Peter for editing.


Minewater, algae and bacteria.

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