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European Projects

European Research Projects.

There are several pieces of work that have been put to the Need and Viability Group. Those that are listed below are a small number that are considered viable and of proven need.

  1. Poland, the Silesian coal fields, treatment of high chloride aqueous discharges. Evaluation of known technologies and their suitability in specific conditions.
  2. Spain the Rio Tinto is a watercourse that is devoid of aquatic fauna in much of its course, the waters fed from old metal mining adits, some over 100 years old, allow for the waters to be highly acidic and contaminated with excessive metal loadings. Metals such as Zinc, Copper and Iron make this one of the worst polluted rivers in Europe. There has been a considerable amount of research carried out by Spanish and British academics, none of which has been collected together; the projects first aim is to achieve this, secondly to access the needs of the region to remediate the situation or to leave as a warning to future generation not to repeat the same actions.
  3. Romanian Transylvanian river pollution issues. This region suffers from many serious contaminated discharges emanating from industries including paper mills, gold and other metal mining, general sewage and much else that has yet to be identified. This is not just a threat to the water quality of the River Danube but also reservoirs that supply much of the country’s water supply, much of which is not fit to drink from the tap. An initial survey of the local situation needs to be followed by a scored action plan to rectify the situation.
  4. Dutch intensive farming of salad crops and flowers for the expanding cut flower market are leading or has, in some areas led to severe degradation of the ground waters and soils. Nitrates and Phosphates are polluting many waterways

which are then choked by algal and weed growth to the detriment of their main uses. Simple methods of removing these pollutants exist, but there is a need to assess the correct locations and measures to be put in place. There is a good market for the recycled contaminants so mitigating increased production costs to the growers.

  1. Minewater from the abandoned mining areas of the European Union. This project would allow a better understanding of how all members of the Union respond to a common problem.  It would allow for a comparative demonstration of regulation, legislation, enviro-imperatives and general environmental interest in each individual country.

These projects have been costed and budgets are available on request.

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