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International Projects

International Involvement.

Clean Rivers Trust currently has several projects outside the European Union. Looking at water resources which are vital to a country’s’ wellbeing. Ethiopia is predominantly an agrarian subsistence society with about 70% of the population living by the land. Yemen is predominantly a town and city based population; about 60% being urban dwellers. Both nations have severe and very different water concerns. Both projects are fully supported by the Embassies of both countries.

The Trust is not an organisation that looks to carry out a single issue project, report and walk away. It will work with experts in whichever country to develop solutions that are capable of implementation. Our involvement is for the long term. All that is learnt will be made available by the Trust to any country if a request is made.

One similarity between the two centres of interest involves agricultural issues; one needs water to grow food, the other uses massive quantities (40%) of its nation’s water supply to grow a recreational luxury (Catha edulis or Qat).

There are separate, but jointly produced work-outlines being produced and feasibility studies have been developed with detailed budgets that have to be flexible as issues are raised by the relevant agencies.


The details of these projects are available as separate sheets.

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