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UK Projects

UK Projects.

These brief outlines are to be worked up into fully fledged proposals but have passed through the need and viability procedures.

  1. Water as Power. This is a short initial overview of the concerns for the likes of dam building or other control mechanisms and their ability to affect other countries or regions down stream of such structures. Instances such as the Marsh Arabs in Iraq and the Jordan Valley.
  2. The Effects of Cash Crops. The visit to any supermarket in the UK offers fruit and vegetables that once were seasonal year round. Green beans can be grown in Kenya, peppers from Israel, India or Holland. Fresh ginger from China, asparagus from Peru or Mexico, even more extraordinary they have been flown to protect their freshness thousands of miles for our table; are we a spoilt population? Why is it and what are the repercussions for the environments of the countries they were grown in?

Water transport in the UK more common in Europe

The Trent Flood of 2000; A Perspective Ten Years On a report from Clean Rivers Trust

An Investigation into the Mortality and Deformation of Heron Chicks at a Heronry in the East Midlands. A report from Clean Rivers Trust click here to read in PDF format

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