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Public Lavatories in the Time of Covid.

June 25th, 2020 in featured by Noreen Shears

We travel all over the UK and when you use public transport you are limited for choice when you need to access facilities. With the pandemic present one hates to have to access one. Door handles and knobs, taps and electric, push button, hand driers. And nearly always a door you must pull open when you leave. It is no wonder that public conveniences have been shut, most should stay shut till they have been overhauled to a post Covid standard that does not leave you dirtier than when you entered.

To enter or exit a facility a turn in the path of entry is all that is required to protect everyone’s modesty. Doors on the stalls naturally.

Hand driers use electricity to bind bacteria to your hand and are energy inefficient anyway. A paper wipe or tissues is all that is needed, and a push button tap, preferably placed on the floor to be operated by one’s foot.

There should be no knobs or handles, no doors to push or pull once hands have been washed.

Nor pushing buttons on trains.

It is simple and what is worse a urinal flushing whilst it is being used. Spattered by a previous user’s germ laden urine. Again unnecessary. The Victorians had better conferences than we have today and the French pissoir, c est magnifique!

Author: Noreen Shears

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