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Why do we do that?

The Trust is carrying out a trial using willows (Salix) to rectify pollution of acidic tars in a lagoon and restore the site so that it can become a diverse habitat. The location is Cinderhill in Derbyshire. This trial is the largest yet anywhere. Answers to the questions asked regarding Cinderhill.   Why bother? The […]

May and the many non Covid Concerns.

This week saw us visit the Tar Pit Trial in Derbyshire. This was the first outing carried out by me, our helpers have been on site though at least weekly throughout the Corona lockdown. It was quite an alien experience to be leaving Birmingham for the first time since March. This was made even stranger […]


The present crisis of pandemic has shocked much of the population of this planet into an inertia, with many people floundering in myopic circles of their nearest supermarket and television. There are others who have not stopped working. Not the health service workers who are standing firm doing their jobs but the people who most […]

Corona Lockdown.

Clean Rivers Trust has been affected as have most research organisations with funding cuts and the ban on all but essential travel curtailing our work in the field. This later hardship has been the hardest blow as the weather since the travel ban and social distancing was introduced has been dry and for the most […]

April Showers Are Few and Far Apart.

Since the start of April, a month usually notable for showers and protracted periods of rain has seen only 2.5mm of precipitation from the 1st to 20th of the month at our willow trial in Derbyshire. The willows are rooting into acidic tars with an average 1pH, an extreme environment. The plants have had a […]

Chandrapur district, Maharashtra

Clean Rivers Trust has been asked for technical support and guidance by the new NGO set up by Pooja Dwivedi, the Sustainable India Foundation. It was formed out of frustration with the local and national authorities and their lack of action and support for those staff who were tasked to effect the remediation of a […]

Cinderhill, the New Year’s Fresh Growth 2020.

The Acid Tar Pit at Cinderhill is showing growth, not just coming into leaf prematurely but height and sprouting shoots are accelerating away. The surface temperature of the sight is showing variation from that close by. Temperatures across the site vary considerably. Readings were taken that demonstrated temperatures from 31oF to 40oF  

Whaley Bridge Minewater Energy Preliminary Background Paper

Introduction. One of the Trustees of Clean Rivers Trust lives in Whaley Bridge, he is concerned that the Town’s primary school is shutting its swimming pool due to the cost of heating the water. The Trust has had a long history of championing the use of water from abandoned mines as a source of long […]

Floods, Floodplains and Wetlands.

River Trent. Photograph Clean Rivers Trust Flood This winter (2019/20) has been the worst period of wet weather since at least 2007. Flooding across the country has been for several communities catastrophic. The numbers of homes and businesses inundated have been worse than any this century. In relation to public concerns of global warming or […]

Now You See It / Now You Don’t.

Google Earth have a new photograph of our Cinderhill Tar Pit taken last year. The site is now almost invisible and willows and grass have given it a green canopy.   I am pleased to say that the independent report on what we aim to achieve and what has so far happened to the tar […]

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