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Rivers and Health.

The River Wharfe, Bathing Waters, Government Consultation, Risk and Pollution. The UK government is at the present time consulting with the public about classifying a stetch of the River Wharfe as it runs through Ilkley in Yorkshire Britain’s first river bathing water. This is the first such scheme and if government go forward with it […]

Book of the Week 6.

Minewater Treatment; Technology, Application and Policy. Mining and issues surrounding the environmental repercussions of mine closure have been a fundamental part of the life of Clean Rivers Trust for 30 years. During that time we have looked at every aspect of concern. Minewater though has been the largest area of research. In 2000 we gained […]

Book of the Week 5.

The choices I have so far made have dealt with mining, UK water supply and Mount Kenya soils. This week’s is a more recent publication that has relevance to work we have carried out in North Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere. It is a compendium of professionally written papers ably edited by Andreas N […]

Book of the Week 4.

Fifth Report of The Commissioners Appointed in 1869 to Inquire into the Best Means of Preventing the Pollution of Rivers. {Pollution Arising from Mining Operations and Metal Manufactures. 1874. This is one of my favourite books/reports and the first report on mining and pollution carried out in the world. The document is leather bound and […]

Book of the Week 3

Book of the Week 3. Sixth Report of The Commissioners Appointed in 1869 to Inquire into the Best Means of Preventing the Pollution of Rivers. The Domestic Water Supply of Great Britain. 1874. This remarkable report is worth it weight in gold to me as it gives information on water resources from unusual sources and […]

Book of the Week 2.

The Trust’s library is full of remarkable books and reports, R&D outcomes, and background documents. The date of publication of our stock ranges from the 1700s to 2020. The re-cataloguing is ongoing and will take time but if you need to find information contact us and a search will be carried out. The results will […]

Spring Report to the Trustees.

It has been somewhat unusual basking for most of the months of April and May in sunny weather in the garden in Edgbaston. Warm with the butterflies, bees and other creatures that surround us in this mini Eden. Extremely fortunate to have such a place to enjoy during lockdown. Even luckier now we are venturing […]

Book of the Week 1

The Library will feature a book from its collection each week. Greenwell’s Mine Engineering. Published 1869 A remarkable book for all those that are interested in mining, geology, hydrogeology, history, economic history and much besides. This is the 2nd edition and is in reality a complete rewrite of the first. Hand coloured plates of mine […]

Another Derbyshire Tar Pit.

A pressing issue for the Trust is this tar pit that is a threat to one of the tributaries of the River Derwent in Derbyshire. This site is close to the trial we have been working on for two years and had originally been incorporated into the initial scheme but due to the draught of […]

Footprints of a vandal X2.

When the polluter breaks in to inspect how your remediation of their pollution is going. An odd event occurred at the end of lockdown, we found out who had been breaking into one of our sites and uprooting willows that are being trialled by having the unenviable task of transporting bacteria into the acidic tars […]

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