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Book of the Week 2.

The Trust’s library is full of remarkable books and reports, R&D outcomes, and background documents. The date of publication of our stock ranges from the 1700s to 2020. The re-cataloguing is ongoing and will take time but if you need to find information contact us and a search will be carried out. The results will […]

Spring Report to the Trustees.

It has been somewhat unusual basking for most of the months of April and May in sunny weather in the garden in Edgbaston. Warm with the butterflies, bees and other creatures that surround us in this mini Eden. Extremely fortunate to have such a place to enjoy during lockdown. Even luckier now we are venturing […]

Book of the Week 1

The Library will feature a book from its collection each week. Greenwell’s Mine Engineering. Published 1869 A remarkable book for all those that are interested in mining, geology, hydrogeology, history, economic history and much besides. This is the 2nd edition and is in reality a complete rewrite of the first. Hand coloured plates of mine […]

Another Derbyshire Tar Pit.

A pressing issue for the Trust is this tar pit that is a threat to one of the tributaries of the River Derwent in Derbyshire. This site is close to the trial we have been working on for two years and had originally been incorporated into the initial scheme but due to the draught of […]

Footprints of a vandal X2.

When the polluter breaks in to inspect how your remediation of their pollution is going. An odd event occurred at the end of lockdown, we found out who had been breaking into one of our sites and uprooting willows that are being trialled by having the unenviable task of transporting bacteria into the acidic tars […]

Minewater, a resource underestimated by all.

This short piece will be sketching out and outlining several options that might be worth taking options on with regard to minewater. Such values may be where it lies in flooded workings, other values may be where it is pumped out to the surface for specific purpose or for environmental protection purposes. There are some […]

Public Lavatories in the Time of Covid.

We travel all over the UK and when you use public transport you are limited for choice when you need to access facilities. With the pandemic present one hates to have to access one. Door handles and knobs, taps and electric, push button, hand driers. And nearly always a door you must pull open when […]

Willows, Acid Tar Pit Restoration Trial; contaminated land update.

This first picture is of the site of our trial prior to activities beginning in 2018. The site had been left in 1978 and for forty years had stayed nearly the same as when it had been first deposited. The makeup of the polluted land was an old clay pit filled with acid tar; the […]

Covid in a warm climate or why are we crying out for bathing water quality of English rivers.

Rivers and water related disease. In the early 1900s an outbreak of cholera was traced back to people swimming from the Brayford Wharf in Lincoln. The local city council enacted local regulations and passed a bylaw making it illegal to swim in the waters of the River Witham and docks in Lincoln. This was the […]

The hard work of our helpers has assured growth at Cinderhill continues.

The willows struggling after nine weeks with no rainfall. The leaves turning in crisps. The application of water ensured that growth continues.   The willows refreshed and now benefiting from a wet weekend in June, the first of many?

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