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Book of the Week 2.

July 5th, 2020 in featured by Noreen Shears

The Trust’s library is full of remarkable books and reports, R&D outcomes, and background documents. The date of publication of our stock ranges from the 1700s to 2020. The re-cataloguing is ongoing and will take time but if you need to find information contact us and a search will be carried out. The results will be sent to you and a visit can be arranged to access the books and documents.

A wonderful report into the soils and climate of lands south east of Mount Kenya, on of a series published in the 1970s by the Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture.

The Trust has an interest in the restoration of the lands and watersheds of the areas about Mount Kenya. The reestablishment of forestry and the stabilisation of the land so as to allow for the economic development of sustainable agricultural practises and a better and more stable environment for both the population and wildlife.

Many of these reports are of value regarding benchmarking of details that otherwise are unknown.

Thanks to Simon Murungi, Founder & CEO SOFAFRICA for involving us in this.

Author: Noreen Shears

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