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Loss of Horse Pool? Global Warming, Draught or Profligacy

May 1st, 2011 in featured by admin

Press Release Notice.

Loss of Horse Pool? Global Warming, Draught or Profligacy.

The Horse Pool at Collingham near Newark was a delightful natural water feature in the Trent Valley. It was used for recreation, irrigation of crops, and a safe place for village children to collect newts and frogsporn. An ideal place to idle time away.

Today it is all but a muddy scrape in the ground.

(See photographs; before and after.

The local farmer has to extract water from a new pit that he has dug close by fo irrigation and the flora and fauna of the site has all but disappeared to make it a site of ‘special conservation interest’ (Newark and Sherwood District Council adopted Local Plan)

Reasons are believed to be a dry year so far, global warming and the posible profligate water management by the two gravel quarries close by, operated by Lafarge and Tarmac.

Clean Rivers Trust announces a major research project to consider the reasons and ways that might be employed to secure this ‘Idlers Idle’.

The Horse Pool is a vestigial lake, once part of another channel of the River Trent. The flora and fauna was noted as being of signicance locally and was a beacon site of bio-diversity.

‘A site to idle by is a sight worth strenuous effort to keep’ said Dr Harvey Wood, Director of Clean Rivers Trust.

Contact Harvey Wood; using the contacts page.

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