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Autumn Report 2019

December 8th, 2019 in News by Noreen Shears

With the leaves falling and the first frosts of winter helping strip the trees of their foliage the Trust can reflect that this last year has been successful as any since its formation in 1990. The last months of the year has seen a steadying down of activity in the field but an increase in the housekeeping. Office and library activity, meetings and conferences.

The Tar Pits

The willows losing their leaves, November 2019.


Our project at Cinderhill, Derbyshire is now close to its end for this year and future work is reliant on reports by the University of Nottingham and a peer review by an independent consultant who is acceptable to the local authority.

The University’s report will be finished in February 2020 and the review will follow. As we are near certain that the results will be favourable and the site showing and demonstrating all the factors that were required both of remediation and restoration we look forward to the spring and opportunities to start work on the other parts of the site; tar pits 1a, 1, 2 and 3, plus sort out the water quality of the middle lagoon.


Minewater as Energy.

The University scheme is awaiting meetings to be arranged a project on the Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire border has not started due, we believe, to costs the instigator does not wish to meet.

The Trust had a meeting with both Bolsover Borough Council and Derbyshire County Council, both are supportive and want to see this method/source made use of.

The Coal Authority are at present uncertain about much with regard to such schemes and are hoping for clarifications of law before they move forward. That is not to say that they can hold up any project in the meantime beyond their normal bureaucratic pace.

The University project is viable, but some meetings need to take place and some further research completed prior to any field work taking place.

Tailings Dam Restorations.

Old tailings impoundments in Devon have been worked on, particularly retaining bunds that have been stabilised using Vetiver grass.


In Cornwall work has been underway considering best methods for the Wildlife Trust to drain tailings sites in the Carnon Valley. Historically their work in this area caused a large number of unrecorded pollutions.

Also, in the Carnon Valley is the Wheal Jane tailings impoundment. The consultants and Wheal Jane Mining, the owners and the Coal Authority have been extending the life of the facility. This is now starting to alarm local residents below the site of the dam; as it is some  Environment Agency staff.

Crich Arsenic.

The samples taken at old land filled quarry site where it might be expected that arsenic might have been deposited in 1950s through to 1960s failed to show any sign of contamination. Further work on the site location is continuing.


Newark and the River Trent in Flood November 2019.

The Trust has been asked by several organisations for information regarding possible contamination since the flooding around the Don, Derwent, Trent and Swale catchments. Further we have been asked for comment on the reasons for such severe flooding: global warming, climate chaos and similar. Had to say that it had been raining rather a lot recently. Pointed out there had been continual shrinkage of the floodplain over the last fifty years, changes to river corridor management, expansion of urban areas, population density and lack of foresight in the general planning of excess water management. No mention that we should all buy boats.


I have been in touch, after several years of trying, with Dr Steve Skill, met up with him. He is looking to use bacteria and plastic waste to further the clean up of the lake and sewage of Chandrapur. A very neat project that can achieve total remediation of the waters plus feed cattle and manure the local farmland.


I will get a report back shortly.

26th November 2019.


Author: Noreen Shears

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