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Thoughts on a meeting at Nottingham Trent University. 17th January 2014.

January 27th, 2014 in News by admin

A useful gathering of researchers and practitioners was held at the Chaucer Building at Nottingham Trent University. A viable number attended, not too many for an initial gathering which allowed the group to jell well and was inclusive of all those present. The subject matter covered was the initial meeting of a Smart Heat Network and included presentations by Jerome Baddeley of the Nottingham Energy Partnership, Amin Al-Habaibeh and Marjan Sarshar both of Nottingham Trent University. The whole event was brought together, ably managed and chaired by John Liddle also of the University. There were 5 other short presentations that outlined interests and areas of related endeavour by others present.

It was a great help to understand the history and development of the Nottingham Energy Network who have sprung out of the City Councils original sustainability moves many years ago when the Eastcroft waste to district heating scheme was first established. The scheme continues to develop and appears to be a supplier of power as well to some organisations. Their presence was also noted with one of the short presentations being given by them.

Nottingham Trent are very aware of the need to bring together all interested parties and the presence of Alkane Energy was exciting as their position within the UK alternative energy field includes coal bed methane and an interest in the use of minewater as a low grade heat source. Their holding of several Pedal Licenses also places them well for the British Governments development of shale gas reserves into the future.

University research into sustainability with monitoring heat loss from buildings and thus demonstrating insulation values of properties was demonstrated with some slides that underscored the point. Thus the point that insulation is of importance to the long-term issue of sustainable energy use was well made.

The presence of Sebastien Danneels of the Council of Stoke on Trent looking to understand the sustainable energy issues and opportunities that may be suitable or applicable to be developed for that city.

Presentations by both Down to Zero and Sasie outlined their respective passions for sustainable alternative resource sources and put a base line of divergent business backgrounds and knowledge in place.  Thus allowing the Forum a good spread of business/technical/academic viability for this Nottingham Trent University supported group to develop further with purpose.

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