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Outline of Actions Winter 2019/2020.

March 3rd, 2020 in featured by Noreen Shears

Derbyshire Projects:

Cinderhill Tar Pit.

The site is looking good well with growth developing faster this spring than anticipated.

The University of Nottingham independent report on our work should have been published by the time of the meeting in March and will be reported on.

Grateful to both Nathan and Sophie for visiting the site regularly as the funding for future works and upkeep is in abeyance awaiting activity from the powers that be, landowners, council, development company.

Crich Arsenic.

Have talked to the Environment Agency about the site location that is the source for these arsenic pollutions to the Derwent and Amber rivers. We start our hunt again this spring, though much work on charts, plans and maps has been carried out in preparation.

The Agency appears to have no available funding.

South Wingfield Flooding.

We were contacted recently by a resident of the village and an old friend of the Trust’s, John Stamp wishing us to look at the problems of the local church and graveyard in the village which floods several times a tear. We are doing a short catchment study and options report over the next little while. Discussions with the Environment Agency, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and others taking place.

The sustainable answer is the creation of a set or chain of wetlands further upstream, but this requires some talking with farmers and landowners.

Academic Activities.


Have developed a wonderful group of 12 or so PhD and master’s researchers all working on a wide number of diverse water-based issues. They are a great group and over the next while much useful and interesting work is anticipated.


Met with the Environment and Geography School about their work on carbon retention in soils with the addition of ochre from minewaterr treatment. We are initialling finding ochre, we supplied some for the Professor when at Reading 20 years ago, from the Coal Authority. The future work might prove enlightening.


Talking to water group about water resource protection work we have carried out in East Africa and elsewhere. Seeing if we have some synergies that can be developed.


The Trust is working with a Loughborough MSc Student and Professor Paul Wood on a project on Waingroves minewater wetland site. The research will investigate the life within the water in the pool and the stream away from the naturally developed wetland.

A further MSc is likely later this year.


Nottingham City Council

A very positive meeting took place at NCC offices in February looking to work with the City Council on minewater heat. We await developments, but we have been asked if we would be available.

Welbeck Estate

The Welbeck Estates minewater project appears not to be moving forward as the research the Trust needs to carry though cannot be carried out gratis.

University of Nottingham

The heat from minewater project at the University of Nottingham is reshaping itself with plans for refurbishment of halls of residence.


Coal Authority Seaton Garden Village project6 with Durham County Council has been announced. 1600 houses on heat networks. The dampener being the up to 25-30 year time frame.


The grass trials at the mine in Devon have proved successful. More work will start in the spring.

The minewater is to be looked at further in the next year.

Councillor Geoff Whittle and contaminated site in Leicester.

‘Leicester City Council is starting a new consultation on its Local Plan. I challenged our City Mayor over a site in the City which is considered too polluted to be designated for development. He responded that not only was this former industrial site grossly contaminated with heavy metals, but similarly contaminated soil from other sites had been scraped and dumped there too, compounding the problem.  My thoughts at the time were ‘I’ll bet Harvey’s charity would have a solution!” ‘

More will be reported on at the meeting.

MoD Conference, London.

Invited to attend a conference in London on partnering and environmental issues. More anon.



Wetland developments using rafts of reeds is finding favour. I am though hoping the use of recycled plastics with bacteria might find some place in the scheme at the lake in Chandrapur.



There is a plan for a contamination clean-up of a set of rivers and a lake which we have been asked to take an interest in.


Other Sites of Interest

  • We have heard from Denby Pottery staff that we are to be asked to sort out the stabilisation and decontamination of the pottery’s waste graze pit. This includes copper, lead, antimony and much else though the main constituent is china clay.


  • Fuchs owned quarries outside Belper that are full of acid tar. This topic will be revisited this spring in the hope that a trial or even full remediation might be started.


  • The EA’s site outside Chester will be similarly chased up.


  • Solvay sites in Europe are to be followed up again, there are several in Italy and France.




The Trust is actively fundraising at present. Fingers crossed!!


Harvey Wood.

18th February 2020.

Author: Noreen Shears

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